Program of RO-MAN 11 Session MoSession3T1

MoSession3T1   Monday, August 1, 2011, 16:15-18:10, Track T1, Room T1
Human Behavior, Communication, and Interaction   Special Session
Organizer and chair: Satoshi Suzuki
Tokyo Denki Univ.
Organizer and co-chair: Fumio Harashima Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.
# Subslot Title Authors
16:15-16:38  Context-Aware Bayesian Intention Estimator Using Self-Organizing Map and Petri Net (Special session paper)  Suzuki, Satoshi (Tokyo Denki University)
HARASHIMA, FUMIO (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
16:38-17:01  EEG Analysis for Acoustic Quality Evaluation Using PCA and FDA (Special session paper)  Nakanishi, Masaki (Keio University)
Mitsukura, Yasue (Graduate School of Bio-Applications and System Engineering)
Hara, Akira (Foster Electric Company, LTD.)
17:01-17:24  The Proposal of Model-Based Initial Frame Alignment Using Real-Coded GA for Mixed Reality (Special session paper)  Fuji, Taiki (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
Fukai, Hironobu (Ritsumeikan University)
Mitsukura, Yasue (Graduate School of Bio-Applications and System Engineering)
Tanabata, Takanari (National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences)
Moriya, Toshio (Advanced Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd.)
17:24-17:47  Fast and Robust Registration of Multiple 3D Point Clouds (Special session paper)  Fukai, Hironobu (Ritsumeikan University)
Xu, Gang (Ritsumeikan University)
17:47-18:10  Relation between Skill Acquisition and Task Specific Human Speech in Collaborative Work (Special session paper)  Nakata, Shuichi (Tokyo Denki University)
Kobayashi, Harumi (Tokyo Denki University)
Yasuda, Tetsuya (Tokyo Denki University)
Kumata, Masafumi (Tokyo Denki University)
Suzuki, Satoshi (Tokyo Denki University)
Igarashi, Hiroshi (Tokyo Denki University)