Program of RO-MAN 11 Session SuSession2T1

SuSession2T1   Sunday, July 31, 2011, 13:45-15:40, Track T1, Room T1
Non-verbal interactions   Regular Session
Chair: TBD  
Co-Chair: TBD
# Subslot Title Authors
13:45-14:08  Effects of Responding To, Initiating and Ensuring Joint Attention in Human-Robot Interaction Huang, Chien-Ming (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Thomaz, Andrea Lockerd (Georgia Institute of Technology)
14:08-14:31  Towards a Typology of Meaningful Signals and Cues in Social Robotics Hegel, Frank (Bielefeld University)
Gieselmann, Sebastian (CoR-Lab, Applied Informatics Group, Bielefeld, Germany)
Peters, Annika (Bielefeld University, Faculty of Technology, Applied Informatics)
Holthaus, Patrick (Bielefeld University)
Wrede, Britta (Bielefeld University)
14:31-14:54  Exploring Minimal Nonverbal Interruption in HRI Saulnier, Paul (University of Calgary)
Sharlin, Ehud (University of Calgary)
Greenberg, Saul (University of Calgary)
14:54-15:17  The Function of Off-Gaze in Human-Robot Interaction Hinte, Sascha (Bielefeld University)
Lohse, Manja (Bielefeld University)
15:17-15:40  A Study of Human Performance in Recognizing Expressive Hand Movements Samadani, Ali-Akbar (University of Waterloo)
DeHart, Brandon J (University of Waterloo)
Robinson, Kirsten (University of Waterloo)
Kulic, Dana (University of Waterloo)
Kubica, Eric (University of Waterloo)
Gorbet, Robert B. (University of Waterloo)